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    PC Booster 2008

    Pre Pro
    Pre Pro

    Numri i postimeve : 513
    Age : 28
    Vendbanimi : Prizren
    Points : 1934
    Registration date : 27/02/2008

    Tema PC Booster 2008

    Mesazh nga M1xer.f1tox prej 1st March 2008, 21:34

    Newest Release!

    -New! Cutting-edge, technologically-advanced answer to instant registry repair.
    -New! Optimization Check & Cleanup for Harddisk
    -New! Hide/Block your data in USB/Disk Drives.
    -New! Uninstall programs completely. Clean up those unwanted trashed programs.
    -New! See what your PC is made of with the new System Information Display.
    -New! Backup and Restore your system registry settings.
    -New! Personalize your Windows Login, Interface, Security, IE browsers and lots more.
    -Improved! Refined AutoTune process for better PC optimization.
    -Improved! More new power tweaks to improve your system speed and performance further.
    -Improved! Added ability to hide Mini Memory Monitoring bar.

    megaupload.com TFY4F0EL

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